"HR technology solution"
Check out our application demonstration video below.
Pre and post onboarding portal .
Generate record in PDF for any particular employee.
Safe documentation
Safeguard all your documents online.
Employee self service portal
Check your time sheet, leave account, payroll, advances everything.
Leave requisition desk
Apply to leaves at a click.
Leave account
Browse through your leave account in self service portal.
Leave status
Keept track of your leave status, and raise a concern if required.
Mail based approval
Approve from anywhere easy login.
Leave history
Browse through an year of history attached with every leave application.
Filter attendance register
Create reports as per your demand.
Exit & arrival status
Monitor exit and arrival with our custom filters.
Timesheet biometric integration
Browse through time routines, leaves, holidays in a single window.
Late arrival & early exit status
Status view.
Leave overview in timesheet
Advanced timesheet with options to view leaves on their respective dates.
Holidays overview
Check holiday status.
Leave allocation
Allot respective leaves.
Consolidated leave account
Generate leave account for staff & faculty you choose.
Holiday allocation
Customize holidays to the level of departments & staff types.
Create leave types
Custom creates leave types as per your organization policies.
Leave logs
Update and resolve issues with our leave logs.
Leave roles
Align HODs, managers and supervisors to respective faculty & staff for leave approvals.
Payroll Management
Employee payroll self services, advances & loans, deductions & tax.
Easy interface for payroll
Browse to departments and month generate payroll.
Custom payroll components
Define all payroll components as per your policy.
Employee roster
Define schedules upto individual or in groups.
Performance evaluation & appraisals
Define objectives, mark achievements and manage appraisals.
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